Ankur Paliwal

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    Beyond Sexual Orientation

    Sexual fluidity is a challenge to both traditional and alternative sexual narratives.

  • Paliwal-HERO

    Why Are Wheelchairs More Stigmatized Than Glasses?

    Improving the lives of disabled people is more than an engineering project.

  • fighting ants

    What Darwin Overlooked About Fighting Female Animals

    Queen ants fight dirty. With their powerful jaws, they clamp down on ­each other, ripping through exoskeleton and vital flesh—a fight to the death. The spoils of victory include the deceased’s entire colony.  The queen with the broader head and stronger jaws is most likely to win.When we think of animal weapons—antlers, tusks, horns, and […]

  • loving noses

    If You Can’t Smell Him, Can You Love Him?

    What are the ingredients of a good relationship? Trust? Communication? Compromise?How about a sense of smell? When researchers in the United Kingdom surveyed almost 500 people with anosmia (the loss of sense of smell), more than 50 percent of them reported feeling isolated, and blamed their relationship troubles on their affliction. “I worry I will […]

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    The Curse That Shoes Can Break

    The tragic story of the simple solution to one of the world’s most neglected diseases.