Brian Gallagher

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    Robots Show Us Who We Are

    What can we learn from machines with imagination and culture?

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    The Real Impact of Meteorites on Earth

    Life as we know it was seeded by rocks from outer space.

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    Love Is Biological Bribery

    Evolution uses all its tricks to make sure we procreate. But love in humans is a many-splendored thing.

  • The Worth of an Angry God

    How supernatural beliefs allowed societies to bond and spread.

  • NASA Is on the Cusp of a New Era

    A planetary scientist explains why SpaceX’s Starship will transform her field.

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    Steven Pinker Has His Reasons

    The psychologist unpacks rationality and denies being a guru to the capitalist elite.

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    The Math That Says Egalitarianism Is Possible

    You don’t have to be entirely pessimistic about the future of wealth inequality.

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    Reports of a Baleful Internet Are Greatly Exaggerated

    Our digital technologies can in fact be cognitive aids.

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    Talking Pop Science with Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder

    As abstract as it is, physics enriches your life.Image via Sabine Hossenfelder / YouTube Science without the gobbledygook.” That’s the name, and promise, of Sabine Hossenfelder’s YouTube show. The German theoretical physicist, whose main gig is as a Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, has attracted over 300,000 subscribers. Her videos—some of […]

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    Celebrating Women Scientists

    The small wonders of the natural world impressed Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya early. As a girl, growing up in Atlanta, she was encouraged by her mother to draw sketches of things she could find in her backyard—a butterfly’s wing, a peanut shell—as they appeared in her microscope. “Looking back,” she said, in a 2017 TED Talk, “I […]