Science isn’t just educational. Science is engaging. It’s entertaining. Science is inspiration and it’s art.

The Nautilus Collection is a unique program of fine art, rare books, and other remarkable objects exploring the connections between art and science. These uncommon items will be made available in limited quantities and released on special occasions.

Nautilus has been repeatedly recognized for its extraordinary artwork. Many illustrations from our pages have been featured in the illustration world’s most prestigious annual, American Illustration, and we’ve won an ASME award for Best Cover. We work with the finest established and emerging artists in the world to produce unique works exploring the intersection of the fine arts and hard sciences in ways aligned with the themes developed in Nautilus articles.

Which is why we’re thrilled to debut The Nautilus Collection with a limited-edition print series, featuring some of our most beloved artwork that originally appeared in the magazine. Each of the museum-quality prints will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and signed and numbered by the artist. 

Welcome to The Nautilus Collection.

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