Caleb Scharf

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    We Might Already Speak the Same Language As ET

    Alien communication could utilize quantum physics, so SETI needs a new way to listen.

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    A Mirror of Our Best Selves

    An astrobiologist annotates what we are seeing in this James Webb Space Telescope image.

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    We Better Think Twice About What We Say to ET

    Extraterrestrials could take our intergalactic message in entirely the wrong way.

  • The Worrisome Rise of NFTs

    An astrobiologist says non-fungible tokens do not bode well for our species’s future.

  • A Wrinkle in Nature Could Lead to Alien Life

    There may be more than one way to tune a universe for life.

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    Looking for Life on Mars

    An astrobiologist and a director on the joys and challenges of filming space science.

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    What Is Life?

    An astrobiologist finds the heart of his work in a new novel by Richard Powers.

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    The Universe Has Already Made Almost All the Stars It Will Ever Make

    Black holes are cosmic dimmers.

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    Is the Universe Open-Ended?

    An intriguing proposal about what makes reality tick under the surface.

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    My 3 Greatest Revelations

    The author on writing his new book, “The Ascent of Information.”