Caleb Scharf

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    Looking for Life on Mars

    An astrobiologist and a director on the joys and challenges of filming space science.

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    The Selfish Dataome

    Does the data we produce serve us, or vice versa?

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    My Personal Hero: Michael Storrie-Lombardi

    Being a scientist can be like willingly entering into a Roman gladiatorial contest. The hours are long, there’s a rank smell of indentured servitude, and at any minute your colleagues may attempt to eviscerate you for the pleasure of the crowds. A lot of the time we can look beyond these challenges because we have […]

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    Will Alien Life Be Recognizable?

    Our recent article “Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?” stirred up quite a response.

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    Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?

    Alien life could be so advanced it becomes indistinguishable from physics.