Christie Wilcox

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    How Neutral Theory Altered Ideas About Biodiversity

    The simple insight that most changes are random had a profound effect on genetics, evolution and ecology.

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    Why We’re a Lot Better at Fighting Cancer Than We Realized

    Using data-mining techniques, doctors have discovered dozens of anti-tumor drugs hiding in plain sight.

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    The Future of Food Looks Small, Dense, and Very Bushy

    Vertical farming could make agriculture more robust and sustainable. To unlock that potential, scientists are redesigning crops for urban life.

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    What Google Could Learn from a Fruit Fly

    By tapping into life’s algorithms, scientists are finding elegant solutions to some of the hardest problems in computer science.

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    Can New Species Evolve From Cancers? Maybe.

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog. Aggressive cancers can spread so fiercely that they seem less like tissues gone wrong and more like invasive parasites looking to consume and then break free of their host. If a wild theory recently floated in Biology Direct is correct, something like that might indeed happen on […]