Claire Cameron

  • tempeh tower

    Want Fungus in That? Our Delicious & Useful Rotten Foods

    Imagine a bowl of half-cooked beans coated in a layer of fibrous, white mold. Dotted across the surface of the mold are little black and blue spores. It smells faintly of ammonia.Sound appetizing? It might seem too much like the remnants of last week’s edamame, but that moldy bean cake, or tempeh, is a vegan […]

  • Cameron_HERO

    Cracking Avatar’s Language Codes

    A fictional language makes the jump to reality.

  • Cameron_HERO

    Fame for 23 Words is 15,000 Years Overdue

    The search for our linguistic DNA.

  • cabinet_FSR_HERO

    Mystery Solved: Who Cracked the Cabinet of Curiosities?

    Last week, we challenged Nautilus readers to name a whole cabinet-full of freaky, weird, and wonderful objects. It was a difficult challenge, but now is the time to end your agonizing wait and reveal the secrets of our wunderkammern, our “cabinet of wonder.” Here are the answers: Pompeii wall art Dinosaur coprolite Shroud of Turin Marilyn Monroe autograph […]

  • flying car

    Hyperloop or Hype: Can Elon Musk’s Wild Transport Idea Work?

    How would you like to get around in a vehicle that “never crashes, that’s at least twice as fast as a plane, that’s solar powered, and that leaves right when you arrive, so there is no waiting for a departure time”? Sounds a little too good to be true, but that is precisely what serial […]

  • HD 8049 white dwarf

    When a Planet Is Not Really a Planet at All

    As astronomers point their telescopes up at the sky to learn about the cosmos, they tend to push those devices’ abilities to their limits. The edge of what we can measure is, of course, where all the interesting things are happening. The downside of this ambition is that the conclusions drawn from the newest data […]