Courtney Humphries

  • Humphries_HERO

    We Weren’t Designed to Appreciate Good Perfume

    Our sense of smell may have evolved to detect danger, not beauty.

  • operating theater white coats

    How White Came to Be Synonymous With Clean and Good

    White has a physical purity. White light contains roughly equal amounts of every color in the visual spectrum, and activates all three types of cone cells in our eyes related to color. As a result, we perceive materials that don’t absorb color, and reflect light back to us, as achromatic—white.The union of white and purity […]

  • Humphries_HERO

    Have We Hit Peak Whiteness?

    Our obsession with cleanliness is running afoul of scientific reality.

  • HERO_Ochendorf

    Ingenious: John Ochsendorf

    Meet the architectural rebel who champions ancient engineers.

  • Humphries_HERO_4

    Why We Should Let the Pantheon Crack

    Modern architects have a lot to learn from the sound engineering of the ancients.