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    Readers Love Curious George. I Fell in Love with the Author’s Astronomy Books.

    H.A. Rey recreated star maps with wit, grace, and accuracy.

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    What’s Fueling Today’s Extreme Fires

    A geophysicist breaks down the elements of wildfires.

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    The Multiple Multiverses May Be One and the Same

    If multiverses seem weird, it’s because we need to revamp our notions of time and space.

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    This Is Why Understanding Space Is So Hard

     If all the matter in the universe suddenly disappeared, would space still exist? Isaac Newton thought so. Space, he imagined, was something like Star Trek’s holodeck, a 3-dimensional virtual-reality grid onto which simulated people and places and things are projected. As Newton put it in the early pages of his Principia: “Absolute space, of its […]