Erica Klarreich

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    Mathematicians Report New Discovery About the Dodecahedron

    Three mathematicians have resolved a fundamental question about straight paths on the 12-sided Platonic solid.

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    In a Single Measure, Invariants Capture the Essence of Math Objects

    To distinguish between fundamentally different objects, mathematicians turn to invariants that encode the objects’ essential features.

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    The Infinite Primes and Museum Guard Proofs, Explained

    A simple, step-by-step breakdown of two “perfect” math proofs.

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    Graph Isomorphism Vanquished—Again

    László Babai has fixed the flaw in his retracted claim.

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    Complexity Theory Problem Strikes Back

    The legendary graph isomorphism problem may be harder than a 2015 result seemed to suggest.

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    All Is Not Fair in Cake-Cutting and Math

    When divvying something up, there's more than one way to define what's fair.