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    How Water Can Identify Murder Victims and Fake Scotch

    These maps pinpoint an object’s origins by the isotope ratio in the water.

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    These Gorgeous Water Maps Are Helping Identify Fake Scotch and Murder Victims

     One of the criteria that make a Scotch a Scotch is that it’s made with Scottish water. That means that a clever connoisseur should be able to tell whether her drink is authentic by tracing the source of its H2O molecules. But how? After it’s collected and filtered of impurities, water is water, right? Nautilus […]

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    How Water, Paradoxically, Creates the Land We Walk On

    It’s no secret that water shapes the world around us. Rivers etch great canyons into the Earth’s surface, while glaciers reorganize the topography of entire mountain ranges. But water’s influence on the landscape runs much deeper than this: Water explains why we have land in the first place.You might think of land as the bits […]

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    The Secret History of the Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea

    How a star explosion may have shaped life on Earth.