Kevin Ferguson

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    How Facebook Fuels Relationship Anxiety

    John Bowlby, born in 1907 London to an upper class family, had little parental love. His mother believed (as was common at the time) kindness would spoil children, and his father, a knighted surgeon, left home to fight in the Great War; his primary caregiver, a nursemaid named Minnie, who did love him, was let […]

  • holding illusion_HERO

    This Man Wants Magic to Be a Branch of Psychology

    Failures of perception illuminate the neurology of how we see.

  • seeing house_HERO

    Epilepsy Patients Are Helping Us Read Minds

    Irvin Yalom, an emeritus professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, dreamt about peering into minds. “A series of distorting prisms block the knowing of the other,” he wrote in Love’s Executioner: And Other Tales of Psychotherapy, in 2012. “Perhaps in some millennium, such union will come to pass—the ultimate antidote for isolation, the ultimate scourge […]

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    Are You More Likely to Be a Baker If You’re Named “Baker”?

    You may like to imagine that your major life choices—where you live, who you marry, what you do for a living—are based on rational weighing of options. In your relationships, for example, you might seek someone that jives with your personality and shares your life interests, beliefs, and Netflix preferences. So the fact that you […]