Madeline Gressel

  • Dobson_HERO

    This Ecologist Wants to Tell You What Matters in Science

    “What physicists and astronomers do is trivial compared to solving these problems.”

  • Gressel_HERO-1

    Reinventing Staten Island

    The ecological philosophy of turning a garbage dump into a park.

  • Maddie_HERO

    The Oldest Problem in American Prisons

    U.S. prisons aren’t prepared for an inmate population that is getting older and sicker.


    Spark of Science: Melissa Franklin

    Harvard’s first tenured woman physicist tells us about her heroes and her work.

  • Gressel Hero

    Do Dolphins Have Conversations? We Still Can’t Say

    Sure, dolphins use sonar, whiz through the ocean at incredible speeds, and battle sharks. But can they chat? Last week, a study published in Russia’s St. Petersburg Polytechnical University Journal: Physics and Mathematics claimed to have recorded two dolphins doing just that. Two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, named Yasha and Yana, exchanged a series of vocal […]

  • banksy bird_HERO

    The Sacred Beauty of a Hermit Thrush Call

    On an early morning in June, New York City’s Prospect Park is peaceful and nearly empty: A few people sleeping on benches, a few more walking their dogs, and the birds chirping—exactly what Ben Mirin comes to hear, and they put on quite a show. Whistling, warbling, tweeting, and trilling, the avian residents of Prospect […]