Michael Segal

  • Tegmark_HERO

    Why the Flow of Time Is an Illusion

    Getting human feeling to match the math is an ultimate goal in physics.

  • matthias_HERO

    Why the Brain Is So Noisy

    The surprising importance of spontaneous order and noise to how we think.

  • Roberts_HERO

    Are There Bacteria in Your Brain?

    A surprising new result catches the attention of the neuroscience community.

  • Fry_HERO

    We Need an FDA For Algorithms

    UK mathematician Hannah Fry on the promise and danger of an AI world.

  • Segal_HERO

    Have Balloons and Ice Broken the Standard Model?

    How five anomalous events at two neutrino experiments provide evidence for supersymmetry.

  • Segal_HERO-2

    The Online Magazine You Can’t Read Online

    A software engineer tackles the distractions of online reading.

  • carreyrou_HERO-F

    Does Theranos Mark the Peak of the Silicon Valley Bubble?

    John Carreyrou talks to Nautilus about the lessons of a $1 billion fraud.

  • Searches_CURTAIN_HERO


    Searching has a cost. It takes time and energy, and distracts us from other opportunities. It is also a quickly growing part of modern life. The world’s most-visited website is Google, suggesting that we devote more of our time to searching for content than consuming it. Exponentially growing databases create search overhead costs that grow […]

  • Connections_HERO


    One hundred trillion. It’s about the size of the global money supply (called “broad money”), the bacterial count of the human microbiome, and the number of transistors in a supercomputer. It’s also approximately the number of neuronal connections in the human brain. Connection has an exponential, multiplicative power to create complexity. It’s where the meat […]

  • Self_Curtain_HERO


    In thinking about this month’s issue, the question came up among staff: What interesting stories are out there that involve the self but do not involve people? We thought of many, everything from quantum particle self-energies to immune system foreign-body detection. As varied as they were, these stories shared something in common: A fraught definition […]