Nautilus Commenters

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    A Reader-Powered Scrapbook of Nautilus’ First Year in Print

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since the launch of Nautilus. Thankfully, our readers and staff have kept a kind of scrapbook of memories from this year. So, to celebrate our first birthday, here we present some of the ways people have captured their moments with the magazine so far.  If you […]

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    Here’s Our Cutting-Edge, Crowdsourced Imaginary Time Capsule

    Humans have long had a desire to capture the now—to freeze the current moment to look back on after it has left us. We painted, wrote things down, developed photography and storage systems, and built vast libraries of books and images. In 1939, during the New York World’s Fair, Westinghouse introduced the first-ever “time capsule” […]

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    A Crowdsourced Expert Interview

    Nautilus readers delve further into the idea that metaphors make us human.

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    Collected Commenter Wisdom

    A sampling of the most lively discussions from Nautilus’ first month.