Peter Hoffmann

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    The Noise None of Us Can Live Without

    Noise is one of my favorite things in the universe. I don’t mean the neighbor’s rusty old lawnmower thundering you out of bed on a Sunday morning; like everybody else, I despise that kind of noise. No, what I am talking about is noise as the scientist understands it: a limitation of deterministic systems. As […]

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    Physics Makes Aging Inevitable—A Response to Comments

    When I published Life’s Ratchet four years ago, I was focused on how life can create and sustain highly ordered systems in the presence of the surrounding molecular chaos—how molecular ratchets, in other words, “extract order from chaos.” To my surprise, the book generated great interest in the area of aging research. Aging, says Ed […]


    Physics Makes Aging Inevitable, Not Biology

    Nanoscale thermal physics guarantees our decline, no matter how many diseases we cure.