Sally Davies

  • Marko_HERO-2

    Her Second Act: Fotini Markopoulou on Life Beyond Physics

    It was time to work with her hands, not only her mind.

  • Davies_HERO-ART1

    This Physics Pioneer Walked Away from It All

    Why Fotini Markopoulou traded quantum gravity for industrial design.

  • Lunar Adventures hero

    Space Travel for Everyone: The Intergalactic Travel Bureau

    Trudging through the mire of midtown Manhattan in the middle of a July heat wave makes you long for relief from your earthly trials—and at the corner of 8th Avenue and 37th Street last week, you could find one. Nautilus popped in to the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, a pop-up shop promoting moon-hopping, sun-surfing, and all forms […]

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    By the Light of the Moon, the Poles of the Earth

    The remarkable ways animals get around.

  • Encounters_With_The_Post_Human_1280x376.jpg

    Encounters with the Posthuman

    As bodies meld with machines, are we leaving ourselves behind?