Sidney Perkowitz

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    What You’re Doing Right Now Is Proof of Quantum Theory

    Running a computer underscores how quantum physics is remaking our world.

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    The Beauty of Crossed Brain Wires

    Synesthesia makes ordinary life marvelous.

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    The Math of Living Things

    Exploring the intersection of physical and biological laws.

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    This Tenet Shows Time Travel May Be Possible

    Director Christopher Nolan could take a tip from new research into “closed timelike curves.”

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    A Supermassive Lens on the Constants of Nature

    What this year’s Nobel-winning discovery of the black hole at our galaxy’s center reveals.

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    The Bias in the Machine

    Why facial recognition has led to false arrests.

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    The Power of Crossed Brain Wires

    Synesthesia makes ordinary life marvelous.

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    Only Disconnect! A Pandemic Reading of E.M. Forster

    The astonishing relevance of the British writer’s story, “The Machine Stops.”

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    If Only 19th-Century America Had Listened to a Woman Scientist

    Where might the US be if it heeded her discovery of global warming’s source?

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    Most Tech Today Would be Frivolous to Ancient Scientists

    The tech that most people depend on must appeal to our fears and vanities and must require continuous and rapid overturn. If it were truly necessary, the market would demand durability.Wikicommons Surrounded by advanced achievements in medicine, space exploration, and robotics, people can be forgiven for thinking our time boasts the best technology. So I […]