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    Why Scientists Need to Get High

    Psychoactive drugs have long been hailed as miracle cures. But you can only understand the paths they blaze through the mind if you’ve traveled them.

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    The Spiritual Consciousness of Christof Koch

    What the neuroscientist is discovering is both humbling and frightening him.

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    The Neurologist Who Diagnoses Psychosomatics

    Suzanne O’Sullivan on what medical science is missing about mysterious illnesses.

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    Consciousness Is Just a Feeling

    With help from Freud, this neuropsychologist locates consciousness in choice.

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    Why Humans Wage War

    War is purposeful and calculating. The more organized we are, the better we get at fighting.

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    Your Brain Makes You a Different Person Every Day

    Our brains are wired for new sensations.

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    Eels Don’t Have Sex Until the Last Year of Their Life

    Why eels are one strange fish.

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    The Contagion Detective

    Adam Kucharski explains how diseases like COVID-19 and misinformation spread.

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    Guided by Plant Voices

    Plants talk to this ecologist. They tell her how to do better science.

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    Why Philip Pullman Is Obsessed with Panpsychism

    In the first book of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, The Golden Compass, Lord Asriel (played by James McAvoy in HBO’s adaptation of the book) discovers a mysterious substance, called Dust, that exists everywhere and seems to be implicated in consciousness. For Pullman, Dust is an expression of his fascination with panpsychism, the philosophical idea […]