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    Why We’re Drawn Into Darkness

    Author Robert MacFarlane on the awe and horror of subterranean places.

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    The Ancient Rites That Gave Birth to Religion

    Sacred beliefs likely arose out of prehistoric bonding and rituals.

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    Yuval Noah Harari Is Worried About Our Souls

    The big-data makeover of humanity could be a recipe for disaster.

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    Thomas Kuhn Threw an Ashtray at Me

    Why Errol Morris is still outraged by the famous philosopher of science.

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    The Stranger Things That Gave Birth to Science

      Finding regularity in nature is the bread and butter of science. We know that reptiles lay eggs, while mammals bear live young; the Earth revolves around the sun every 365.25 days; electrons glom onto protons like bears onto honey. But what if some oddity seems to defy the laws of nature, like the platypus, […]

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    Roger Penrose On Why Consciousness Does Not Compute

    The emperor of physics defends his controversial theory of mind.

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    The Spiritual, Reductionist Consciousness of Christof Koch

    What the neuroscientist is discovering is both humbling and frightening him.

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    My Life with the Physics Dream Team

    Freeman Dyson on working with the greatest physicists of the 20th century.

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    Beauty Is Physics’ Secret Weapon

    A Nobel laureate maps his path to discovery.

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    The Moral Argument for Doping in Sports

    To almost all sports fans, doping in sports is an issue of near-religious importance, says Julian Savulescu. According to the Australian bioethicist and moral philosopher, fans celebrate people of extraordinary physical ability who dedicate themselves to training to perform an athletic feat to perfection—but when they augment their abilities with drugs and enhancers, fans can […]