What do the television comedy star B.J. Novak, quantum computing pioneer David Deutsch, and science writer Mark Anderson have in common? Yes, you guessed right: Each have written original pieces appearing in the Winter 2014 Nautilus Quarterly.

Anderson digs into the written correspondence between Albert Einstein and physicist Ernest Sternglass to construct the Quarterly’s cover story. It begins with ancient alchemy and culminates in an unlikely, potentially revolutionary energy technology. Since we at Nautilus love convergence, you can imagine how pleased we were: Here were the Quarterly’s three themes (The Unlikely, Fame, and Secret Codes), discovered through the handwritten word, mixed into a single narrative, and printed for our readers.

The truth is that convergences like this one show up all the time, both by design and by surprise. After all, that is the Nautilus mission: to provide those categories and stories which reveal a remarkably connected world. Deutsch’s retrospective on Jacob Bronowski’s The Ascent of Man, Novak’s fictional account of a boy discovering an extra-special cereal box prize, and Richard Holmes’ stories of high-flying science all wrestle with the same big ideas.

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Our Best,
The Nautilus Team