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Shortly after Nautilus launched online, a reader tweeted that “a @NautilusMag print edition would be the fastest money I’ve ever spent.” It’s a message we often heard repeated. It turns out that people still love to read in print. (We even got Nicholas Carr to tell us why.)

We think Nautilus is especially well suited to ink and paper. Our illustrations and photographs jump off the page (especially off double-page spreads!). Our stories revolve around central topics and co-exist comfortably when placed between two covers. And we don’t shy away from the kind of long-form article that goes well with a comfy chair and a cup of coffee. No pixels permitted.

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This week’s chapter is all about the Quarterly. We tease a couple of the features that appear in our inaugural print issue, and present a video conversation with Jared Diamond, who graces the Quarterly’s final page. We think these pieces, which are are unique to the Quarterly, make our first three issue themes (human uniqueness, uncertainty, and transportation) gel nicely. Accompanying them is some of our best online content from those issues, beautifully laid out to make nearly 200 pages of sumptuous reading.

We’ve been so pleased with the response the Quarterly has received in the short time it’s been on sale, with subscribers from Sudbury and Singapore to Berlin and Bratislava. It’s cheap too—about $4 a month, or $3 and change with our introductory promotion. Join us!

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Our Best,
The Nautilus Team

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