• Aliens

    The search for extraterrestrial life is a funny thing in science. It’s like a private hobby, best not discussed at work with colleagues, nor with friends at parties. It’s OK now and again to illuminate the search for alien life, an interlude in the symphony of scientific work. And that’s just what we’re offering in […]

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    Australia’s Secret Rescue of Ancient Trees Offers an Insight Into Evolution

    When I read that more than a billion animals had lost their lives to bushfires still raging in Australia, I froze, staring at the incomprehensible figure on my screen. A sort of sinking feeling came. Scientists made the estimate from the numbers of animals that have died from previous land-clearing practices. It is dismaying to […]

  • Schneider_HERO

    It May Not Feel Like Anything To Be an Alien

    Humans may have one thing that advanced aliens don’t—consciousness.

  • Wright_HERO

    Galactic Settlement and the Fermi Paradox

    The results of galactic colonization models are a mixed bag for SETI optimists.

  • Lawn_HERO

    What Are the Odds of Alien Contact?

    Bringing the Drake Equation up to date.

  • Oberhaus_HERO

    Do We Share DNA with ET?

    If there’s life beyond Earth, the genetic code might be our common bond.

  • Folger_HERO

    Why Discovering Martians Could Be Disappointing

    There are two kinds of extraterrestrial life with very different implications.