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    Talking Pop Science with Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder

    As abstract as it is, physics enriches your life.Image via Sabine Hossenfelder / YouTube Science without the gobbledygook.” That’s the name, and promise, of Sabine Hossenfelder’s YouTube show. The German theoretical physicist, whose main gig is as a Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, has attracted over 300,000 subscribers. Her videos—some of […]

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    How to Outwit Evolution

    We can defeat superbugs by staying one step ahead of them.

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    Here’s the Right Story for Vaccine Holdouts

    Two public health experts explain how to cut through the noise about COVID-19 vaccines.

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    Galileo the Science Publicist

    Scientists putting their lives on the line can take heart from a great astronomer.

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    How to Unlearn a Disease

    Medicine’s latest cure is forgetting you’re sick.