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    Best of 2013: Ingenious: Peter Ward

    Call the daring marine biologist and paleontologist “Professor Nautilus.”

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    The Powerful Emotional Pull of Old Video Games

    Patrick Gensel via Flickr Lately I’ve been hearing a kind of spectral music in the background of my daily life. It’s a syncopated, repeating MIDI ditty that conjures a feeling of excitement and invigorating challenge. I recently recognized it, and in the process experienced an intense wave of nostalgia. Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. […]

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    Behind the Scenes: How This Issue’s Beautiful Art Was Made

    By now, you’ve likely noticed that we here at Nautilus care a great deal about imagery. Whether it’s our quarterly print edition or our weekly online chapters, the images that accompany each piece are crafted with care. But have you ever wondered where the images you see each week come from, and how they’re made? […]

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    Not-So-Sweet Home: The Persistence of Domestic Violence

    Zurijeta via Shutterstock The home is in many ways the basic unity of society, a bastion of shelter and family bonds. It is the means by which the social order is reproduced and the context in which children are brought into the world. Yet for millions of women, children, and men, all over the world, home […]

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    The Big Benefits of Doing HIV Tests Yourself, at Home

    The next time you stop at the local drug store to pick up household standbys like shampoo, ibuprofen, and tissues, you might also consider picking up something rather more serious: an HIV test. Show your ID (the test is only approved for adults aged 17+), pay $40, and you can return home and learn your […]

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    How to Map a Galaxy When You’re Right in the Middle of It

    Why the Milky Way looks like it spirals.