• Vanderbuilt_HERO_1280x376

    Best of 2013: Unhappy Truckers & Other Algorithmic Problems

    Transportation optimization starts with math, but ends in understanding human behavior.

  • Deutsch_HERO

    Best of 2013: Why It’s Good To Be Wrong

    Nothing obstructs access to the truth like a belief in absolute truthfulness.

  • Marcus_HERO_2013

    Best of 2013: Where Uniqueness Lies

    The ultimate treasure hunt for the key in our brains that unlocks our difference.

  • Dawson_HERO

    Beer Domesticated Man

    Early man chose pints over pastry. Wouldn’t you?

  • Costandi_HERO

    Emotional Renovations

    How your brain twists together emotion and place.

  • Auerbach_HERO_3

    A.I. Has Grown Up and Left Home

    It matters only that we think, not how we think.

  • Wu_HERO

    Have Money, Won’t Travel

    Why do investors prefer to put their money to work at home?

  • Hannibal_HERO

    Speak, Butterfly

    Butterflies tied together Vladimir Nabokov’s home, science, and writing.

  • Weintraub_HERO

    At Home in the Liminal World

    Living in transition, between cultures, we are discovering who we are.

  • Hands touching

    So Human, So Beautiful

    I look into the mirror and try to see what another human would see. My beard is months old, scraggly and dirty, my balding head covered with wisps of gray. I take out the scissors and start to clean it up. Thoughts of other people, being with other people, force their way to the surface, […]