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    The “Lab Leak”: It’s Not Enough to Say Accidents Happen

    So far no one has come up with any clear account of how a coronavirus escaped biosafety level 4 barriers. Photograph by MihasLi / Shutterstock Disasters evoke a search for who to blame. Mishandled disasters make that search vital for anyone whose actions or inactions may have amplified the catastrophe’s damage. As the official United […]

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    How to Make Sense of Contradictory Science Papers

    Published research is less about conclusions than science at play.

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    Tarzan Wasn’t for Her

    It took an outsider to restore women to the story of human evolution.

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    How Taboos Can Help Protect the Oceans

    Pacific Islanders are charting a new course for ocean conservation.

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    Are We Cut Out for Universal Morality?

    If objective ethical values exist, we’ll have to give up tribalism to realize them.

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    Science Isn’t Here for Your Mommy Shaming

    When people sensationalize research, parents pay the price.

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    The English Professor Who Foresaw Modern Neuroscience

    Science and the humanities weren’t separate cultures to this critic.

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    The Profound Potential of Elon Musk’s New Rocket

    An aerospace engineer explains why SpaceX’s Starship will change everything.

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    The Country Gentleman of Physics

    Julian Barbour’s ideas about time and the universe have always roamed free of academia.

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    If Only 19th-Century America Had Listened to a Woman Scientist

    Where might the US be if it heeded her discovery of global warming’s source?