• hardest puzzle_HERO

    How to Solve the World’s Hardest Logic Puzzle

    While a doctoral student at Princeton University in 1957, studying under a founder of theoretical computer science, Raymond Smullyan would occasionally visit New York City. On one of these visits, he met a “very charming lady musician” and, on their first date, Smullyan, an incorrigible flirt, proceeded very logically—and sneakily. “Would you please do me […]

  • Perezcassar_HERO-1

    Feel Different: Breaking Your Cell Phone’s Hold

    Unreliable rewards trap us into addictive cell phone use, but they can also get us out.

  • Segal_HERO

    Ingenious: Richard Dawkins

    The evolutionary biologist reads Robert Frost.

  • Solomon_martians-HERO

    The Martians Are Coming—and They’re Human

    How settling Mars could create a new human species.

  • presidential products_HERO

    The Real Reason You’re Voting for Clinton or Trump

    The Lebanese-Canadian professor of marketing Gad Saad (both sound like “sad”) can readily defend evolutionary psychology against the charge that it’s a convenient, “just-so story.” (Before diving in, he said, “Forgive me, it’s going to be a bit long-winded, because your question is an important one.”) He founded and developed the field of “evolutionary consumption” […]

  • microscopic mushroom_HERO

    Look Through This Microscope and Tell Us What You See

    As you look closer and closer at the world, you find more and more levels of organization. And at many of those steps, the view is fantastic. From butterfly wings to snowflakes, zooming in on the world around us can reveal incredible symmetries and patterns, and sometimes pure chaos. Seen at a microscopic level, things […]

  • placeholder

    Plastic Is the Ocean’s New Junk Food

    By 2050, it’s likely that plastic in the oceans will outweigh all the oceans’ fish.

  • placeholder

    Don’t Fall Prey to Selection Bias in Your Career Choice

    It’s your last year of college and you’re trying to answer the dreaded question of what comes next. Whether your major once seemed incredibly broad or totally specialized, you’ve realized that the path ahead is still wide open. It’s a huge decision, of course, so you want to make sure you’re fully informed. You’ve thought […]

  • extreme deep field_HERO

    There May Be Two Trillion Other Galaxies

    In 1939, the year Edwin Hubble won the Benjamin Franklin award for his studies of “extra-galactic nebulae,” he paid a visit to an ailing friend. Depressed and interred at Las Encinas Hospital, a mental health facility, the friend, an actor and playwright named John Emerson, asked Hubble what—spiritually, cosmically—he believed in. In Edwin Hubble: Mariner […]

  • lactase_hero

    The Trouble with Milk

    Only 1 in 3 people have evolved tolerance to lactose.