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You may not know it, but Nautilus and Discover go way back. Our features editor, Kevin Berger, came to us from Discover Magazine. So did our long-time (now former) blog editor, Amos Zeeberg. Discover editors have written and guest-edited for us, and we’ve been regular consumers of Discover’s great features and blog content since we started.

So it brings me great pleasure to announce that Nautilus, Discover, and Discover’s sister magazine, Astronomy, are entering into a marketing partnership that will reach over 10 million science enthusiasts a month. The combination of the three titles represents a unique platform in science media for institutional and marketing partners looking to strengthen their brand.

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Readers will notice a few changes. We’ll be featuring Discover and Astronomy content in our newsletters and our social channels. There will be new Channels content appearing on all three magazines. We may even dip our toes into joint eBooks.

Nautilus is the only independent science magazine of its reach to appear in decades. We’ve gotten where we are—two National Magazine Awards, a Webby for best science on the web, inclusion in Best American Science and Nature Writing every year we’ve been publishing—with the help of some great relationships. This new relationship with Kalmbach will help us write our next chapter.

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John Steele is the publisher and editorial director of Nautilus.

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