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In this equally haunting and hopeful illustration, Montreal artist Myriam Wares captures the essence of the 2020 Nautilus article, “Dawn of the Heliocene.” Scientists are on the verge of naming a new geological epoch for Earth, author and paleoclimatologist Summer Praetorius informs Nautilus readers. Praetorius argues we should name the next epoch for how we can alter Earth for the best—by tapping into the sun for energy—rather than a term that signals our harmful dependence on oil. “If we squander this moment of energy wealth,” Praetorius writes, “we will all be back in the junkyard soon enough.” There is a personal backstory to that image, which Wares captures in warm hues. Praetorius grew up on a junkyard, owned by her father. Just as one young scientist rose above her background, Wares’ illustration shows the rest of humanity can too.

This signed and numbered print is available for a limited time only through the Nautilus Collection. You have the option to add a museum-quality frame guaranteed to keep the artwork in pristine condition for generations to come. Each purchase includes a certificate of authenticity and a copy of Nautilus print issue No. 32. Be sure and click on Additional Information above to learn more about the museum quality of the print and frame.


Myriam Wares is a French-Canadian illustrator from Montreal. Her work is inspired by surrealism and storytelling, addressing themes related to science, technology, nature, mythology and modern society. She is a professionally certified member of Illustration Québec and member of Found Artist‘s online directory, as well as a Dawson college Illustration & Design alumna.

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● 20" x 24"
● Signed and numbered by the artist
● Edition of 200
● Giclee print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308: 100% cotton, mould made, acid-free, museum-quality paper
● Certificate of authenticity included
● Print version of Nautilus Issue #32
● QR code linking to the original article where the artwork was featured
● Framed option: 99% UV anti-reflective Museum acrylic plexiglass in black, white, or natural wood frame

Your shipment will arrive approximately 30 days after placing your order. This limited release is expected to sell out quickly and then be returned to the Nautilus vault.