• Schwarzschild_HERO

    My Personal Hero: Priyamvada Natarajan on Martin Schwarzchild (and Mr. Carter)

    I was an inquisitive child and my parents encouraged me and actively cultivated my curiosity. My first truly independent adventure, when I was 10, was to secretly take a public bus on my own to the Delhi Public Library. Given how quickly I was wolfing books down, I didn’t want to pester my parents to […]

  • Mingarelli_HERO-2

    The Gravity Wave Hunter

    An astrophysicist sits down with Nautilus to discuss cosmology and culture.

  • Francis_HERO_still

    The Inside of a Neutron Star Looks Spookily Familiar

    Exotic ultra-compressed matter can look like pasta, among other things.

  • Nobel_HERO

    NASA Is Going to Dip This Cup Into the Sun’s Corona

    A 2018 mission will send a probe to within 4 million miles of the sun.

  • Bahcall_HERO

    John Bahcall and the Hubble Telescope

    Bringing the universe home.