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    New Exoskeletons Will Harness the Subtle Anatomy of Human Balance

    The bones and bodies of the Kenyan women had adjusted to perfectly support the head weight in the most energy efficient manner, aligning in an ideal formation to keep the weight off the muscles.Photograph by Kim Steele / Getty In the 1980s, a bioengineer named Norm Heglund was doing field work in Kenya, hoping to […]

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    The Most Symmetrical Objects in the World

    If you’ve ever tried to give yourself a haircut, you know just how hard it is to make something precisely symmetrical. We value symmetry so highly in part because it’s really hard to achieve.  Here are five of the most symmetrical objects humans have ever crafted, and why they were so hard to make. Strikingly […]

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    We Should Count Balance As One of the Senses

    One Tuesday in January, a leather briefcase strung across my shoulder, I tramped through the damp campus of a large California university, looking for the classroom where I would lecture. The drizzle-mist common to the central coast in the winter months had left me wet and cold, so I stepped into the dining hall for […]