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  • Cudmore_HERO

    The Case For Leaving City Rats Alone

    A Vancouver rat study is showing us how pest control can backfire.
  • feminized human skulls faces Cieri

    Before We Painted Like Picasso, We Had to Share Like Gandhi

    A comparison of the facial features of ancient modern humans (left) to more recent modern humans (right). Modern specimens have a less prominent brow ridge and a shorted upper face. Researchers suspect these changes were caused by a decrease of testosterone.Robert Cieri   Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . […]
  • tree frost ring

    The Mystery of the Missing Frost

    On some clear winter mornings, we are treated to one of the highlights of the season: a thin layer of white frost delicately coating surfaces like individual grass blades. But even when a veneer of ice crystals encrusts much of the outdoor landscape, you may notice it missing from certain sites—the grass beneath a pine […]
  • Article Recirculation Lead Image

    Art Can Show Us What’s Wrong With Our Planet

    An ice book destined to melt into the Great Miami River in Dayton, Ohio (2012).Basia Irland Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction—the first in 66 million years, and it’s caused primarily by human activity. Scientists first detected this epochal event by calculating diversity in our forests and taking the temperature of our atmosphere, and they now outline steps […]
  • Cudmore_HERO

    Five Ways to Lie with Charts

    Want to spin your data? Here’s how.