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    Can a Cat Have an Existential Crisis?

    Treating my cat for depression caused me to question the state of anxiety in animals and us.
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    Watching the Birth of a New Breed: the Werewolf Cat

    A Lykoi kitten next to its normal-coated brother, who carries just one version of the Lykoi gene. It’s no accident that Lykois are bred with black cats. “If they have black as their base coats, they really have that werewolf look. Other base coats don’t look quite as striking,” he says. “An orange Lykoi cat […]
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    Cats Are Not the Best Defenders of Ecological Health

    A feral cat prowling among baby penguins on Macquarie Island, south of mainland Australia.Geoff Copson / Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service After a cat loses its last aesthetic and behavioral traits characteristic of a kitten, it also loses much of its appeal as a companion to some people. At the same time, this cat […]