earth science

  • Falk_HERO

    What’s Fueling Today’s Extreme Fires

    A geophysicist breaks down the elements of wildfires.

  • Carroll_HERO

    The Mother of All Accidents

    Odds are, if an asteroid hadn’t crashed into Earth, we wouldn’t be here.

  •  Markandeya_HERO

    Digging Deeper Into Holocaust History

    What geoscientists are uncovering in Eastern Europe.

  • Praetorius_HERO

    Dawn of the Heliocene

    Why the next geological epoch should be named for when we tapped the sun’s energy.

  • Bendebury_HERO

    Uncovering the Spark of Life

    What finding life on Mars could tell us about our own origins.

  • Fisher_HERO

    These Maps Reveal Earth’s Unspoiled Places

    A revolution in archaeology is happening just when we need it most.

  • Musser_HERO

    What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move?

    Earth’s tremors can tweak your GPS coordinates.

  • Paulson_HERO2

    Why We’re Drawn Into Darkness

    Author Robert MacFarlane on the awe and horror of subterranean places.

  • Grinspoon_HERO1

    Why Most Planets Will Either Be Lush or Dead

    The Gaia hypothesis implies that once alien life takes hold, it will flourish.

  • Smith_HERO

    The Queer Ecology of the Colombian Civil War

    Meet the transgendered ecologist helping her country move past years of conflict.