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    The Hidden Link Between “Genetic Nurture” and Educational Achievement

    The phrase “Look down your nose” comes from a time when aristocrats were taller than commoners due to their superior nutrition. European elites would literally look down on their inferiors. So it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the shock 19th-century aristocrats experienced, across the Atlantic, encountering well-fed American laborers, artisans, and farmers, who would look […]

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    You Can’t Dissect a Virtual Cadaver

    What is lost when we lose in-person learning.

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    How Hidden Social Contexts Influence Your Genetics

    Educational attainment has some qualitatively unique features that we’re going to have to be sensitive to when we attempt to study the genetics of it.Photograph by Joey Yee / Flickr What if a wound of yours, a pierced ear, say, healed at a different rate depending on who was around you? A 2017 study explored […]

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    How to Teach Science with Sugar and Cream

    High school teachers are bringing ice cream into the lab.

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    For Kids, Learning Is Moving

    Children’s brain development is fueled when they find their own way.

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    Cursive Handwriting and Other Education Myths

    Teaching cursive handwriting doesn’t have nearly the value we think it does.

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    Why Virtual Classes Can Be Better Than Real Ones

    An engineering professor takes online-course critics to school.

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    Colleges Want Students with Character, But Can’t Measure It

    SATs are on their way out, but new tests aren’t quite ready.

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    Education Is a Waste of Effort—But It Doesn’t Have to Be

    In the nearly 25 years that I spent in school, I produced countless term papers, exams, and presentations, nearly all of which of no value to anyone else. And that goes for most of the 20 million or so college and graduate students currently pursuing higher education in the United States. They produce thousands of […]