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    Game of Thrones and the Evolutionary Significance of Storytelling

    Why do we hate narratives that go wrong?
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    30 Weirdly Fascinating Health and Body Facts

    The camera doesn’t often linger on all the severed heads in Game of Thrones. But if it did, might we see some sign of awareness—at least for a few seconds? A human head doesn’t lose consciousness until after about four seconds, post-decapitation. That’s resiliency of a kind. And the acid in your stomach? Strong enough […]
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    14 Words for Horse: The Linguistics of Game of Thrones

    Seven hundred people gathered at the University of California, San Diego, one day this spring to hear the creators of three fictional languages talk about how linguistics has infiltrated Hollywood, particularly when it comes to building believable make-believe worlds. When it comes to building make-believe worlds, inventing a language makes it seem that much more […]