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    Are Neural Networks About to Reinvent Physics?

    The revolution of machine learning has been greatly exaggerated.

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    Why Robot Brains Need Symbols

    We’ll need both deep learning and symbol manipulation to build AI.

  • Alan Turing sculpture Bletchley Park Stephen Kettle

    Goodbye, Turing Test; Bring on the Turing Decathlon

    A statue of Alan Turing by sculptor Stephen Kettle made entirely of pieces of slate. The statue depicts Turing working on an Enigma machine, which the Nazis used to encode messages, and is located at Bletchley Park, the British-government site where Turing and colleagues did their code-breaking. Photo by Richard Gillin via Flickr How many […]

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    Best of 2013: Where Uniqueness Lies

    The ultimate treasure hunt for the key in our brains that unlocks our difference.

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    Will We Reverse-Engineer the Human Brain Within 50 Years?

    Gary Marcus can’t understand why people are shocked when he calls the brain a computer. The 43-year-old professor of psychology at New York University, author of Kluge, about the haphazard evolution of the brain, and a leading researcher in how children acquire language, grins and says it’s a generational thing. “I know there’s a philosophical school of […]

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    The Mystery of Human Uniqueness

    What, exactly, makes our biology special?