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    No, Animals Do Not Have Genders

    How do we know that gender is not simply a biological fact? What makes it cultural, rather than analogous to sex-differentiated behavior in animals?

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    Outraged By the Google Diversity Memo? I Want You to Think About It

    Damore was fired, basically, for making a well-meant, if amateurish, attempt at institutional design, based on woefully incomplete information he picked from published research studies. But however imperfect his attempt, he was fired, in short, for thinking on his own. And what example does that set?Photograph by Verco That leaked internal memo from James Damore […]

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    Are We Being Too Superficial About the Gender Problem in Science?

    Hope Jahren, a geobiologist at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, is “very cynical about efforts to get girls into science.”Photograph by GSK / Flickr Why should the share of women in a given occupation affect its average pay? It’s a curious inverse relationship. Census data show that when the former increases, the latter decreases—when […]

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    Why Sex Is Mostly Binary but Gender Is a Spectrum

    A short genetic history of one of the most profound dimensions of human identity.

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    This Gender Mystery Starts Nine Months Before Birth

    The ratio of boys to girls at conception has been misunderstood for centuries.