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    Humans Are One Mixed-Up Ape

    If you look at every ape protein, they have every bone we have, every muscle we have, the same type of hair, and on and on. They’re just better adapted to their tropical rainforest environment.Illustration by BRO.vector / Shutterstock Recent fossilized bone discoveries in China and Israel support the exciting possibility of new, previously unknown […]

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    Psychedelics Open a New Window on the Mechanisms of Perception

    Hallucinatory drugs may allow our brains to let go of prior beliefs.

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    The Planets with the Giant Diamonds Inside

    Mining the mysteries of Uranus and Neptune.

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    New Evidence That Therapy Can Make You Happier

    What are the interventions that are supposed to make us happier? What doesn’t work? And if something does work, how much good does it do?Pixabay In “All Eyes on Me,” a song from his new Netflix special Inside, the musician-comedian Bo Burnham pauses to ask, “You want to hear a funny story?” He tells us […]

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    The Evolutionary Wonders in the Deep Sea

    It’s a golden age for finding new and mysterious forms of deep-sea life.

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    The Human Family Tree, It Turns Out, Is Complicated

    How the story of human evolution continues to branch out.

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    What Made Early Humans Smart

    Walking upright made our ancestors easy prey. It also made them get smart.

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    How the Drug Industry Has Exploited Reforms Started in the Fight Against AIDS

    The push by AIDS activists for an effective treatment was a breakthrough in the medical industry. It showed the power of a grassroots movement to spur the government and Big Pharma to action. But it had a dangerous and lasting side effect.Photograph by Cagkan Sayin / Shutterstock Three decades ago, a small group from within […]

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    When a Good Scientist Is the Wrong Source

    How a bad “fact” helped the lab-leak hypothesis go viral.

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    The Cancer Custodians

    To beat our worst enemy, we must first let it grow.