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    A Close Encounter with a Flame-Bright Egyptian Vulture

    On a bright March morning as wildlife photographer Oriol Alamany tucked into breakfast on the island of Socotra, an Egyptian vulture landed on a nearby rock. Caught without proper equipment, Alamany crawled across the ground to photograph the bird from below at close range with a small camera he kept in his pocket. The vulture […]

  • NASA Is on the Cusp of a New Era

    A planetary scientist explains why SpaceX’s Starship will transform her field.

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    Torn Muscle? Hold the Drugs or Surgery—Massage May Be the Best Medicine

     If you’re an athlete—even a very occasional one—odds are you’ve dealt with a muscle injury at some point. After all, muscle injuries account for 10 to 55 percent of sports traumas. Often they’re just a nuisance—say, a minor strain that takes you a couple days to get back on your feet. But severely injured muscles, […]

  • All the Biomass on Earth

    Our planet supports 8.7 million species. Here’s how they break down.

  • Why AI Needs a Genome

    AI could learn and adapt like humans with algorithms that work like genes.

  • A Lab of Her Own

    In her bedroom during WWII, she discovered how the nervous system is wired.

  • The Power of the Waves

    Understanding how oceans move is key to understanding life on Earth.

  • What Industrial Societies Get Wrong About Childhood

    Age-based classes are not the only way to learn—and may not be the most effective.

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    Fantastic Beasts Brought to Life by the Wind

    An artist’s moving tribute to nature’s powerful resource.

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    What Impossible Meant to Richard Feynman

    What I learned when I challenged the legendary physicist.