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  • paywall_art

    A Letter To Our Readers

     Dear Nautilus reader, Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . With your help, we’ve had an amazing first two years: Two National Magazine Awards, a Webby for best science website, and more than a dozen other awards. Nearly 10 million readers through our website. Print subscribers in 40+ countries.What a […]
  • Yellowstone National Park

    The Supervolcano Under Yellowstone is Alive and Kicking

    There’s enough hot rock to fill the Grand Canyon nearly 14 times.
  • Dark room

    How Utter Darkness Could Heal Lazy Eye

    The email from a professor offered an unusual spring break adventure: Come spend five days in complete darkness. To Morgan Williams, then a sophomore at Swarthmore College and a psychology major, it sounded like a great way to spend his vacation week. “I’m not really one for going to the beach,” he says.For those five […]
  • Snailfish

    This Legendary Deep-Sea Fish Sighting Continues to be Debated After 60 Years

    Once, while fishing for salmon, I hooked a clam. It fought bravely, and when I finally pulled it from the water I could see that I hadn’t just snagged it, as you might expect, but that it had taken the bait willingly. These are minor points; what matters here is that the clam, so different […]
  • Consciousness

    Is There Awareness Behind Vegetative States?

    Imagine that a loved one, let’s say your brother, has suffered a serious brain injury. After languishing in a coma, he finally “emerges”—that is, he cycles between sleep and wakefulness, yanks his hand away when it’s pricked, is startled by loud noises, and so on. But it’s not clear that he’s ever truly awake; his […]
  • Annular eclipse

    The Search for Eclipses as Perfect as Earth’s

    This classic Facts So Romantic post was originally published in September, 2013.Roughly twice a year, the apparent positions of sun and moon coincide, and a fortunate few observers are treated to a solar eclipse. Watching such an event provides the opportunity to contemplate a strange coincidence: From the surface of Earth, the apparent sizes of […]

  • Chung.png

    Finding a Metaphor for the Perfect Amount of Creativity

    As an illustrator, I often struggle to decide how far I should push the boundaries of creativity. I’ve noticed that there is a fine line between art that is accessible to my peers and art that is accessible to everyone. And I don’t always know where to draw that line.In a Nautilus post, Jim Davies […]

  • Epley_HERO

    Why We Can’t Get Over Ourselves

    Exposing the reasons we fail to understand the minds of others.

  • Martel_HERO-3

    What to Eat in Atlantis

    Five menus for five mythical cities.

  • hero toaster anim

    The Dawn of Life in a $5 Toaster Oven

    How a homemade piece of lab equipment is recreating chemical evolution on early Earth.

  • 081815_BR

    Why You’re Biased About Being Biased

    The more we convince ourselves that we don’t have certain biases, the more likely we are to exhibit them.