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    Impossibly Hungry Judges

    It is up to authors to interpret the effect size in their study, and to show the mechanism through which an effect that is impossibly large, becomes plausible.The Court by William Hogarth (circa 1758) I was listening to a recent Radiolab episode on blame and guilt, where the guest Robert Sapolsky mentioned a famous study on judges handing out […]
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    The Pressures and Perks of Being a Thought Leader

    Barmy ideas can gain a foothold just because of the prominence of the person voicing them.Photograph by Tamaki Sono / Flickr The first time I saw the term, I was mystified. “Hey, Dr S! We’re getting a few KOLs together to give us some advice about how to develop our new compound,” began the friendly […]
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    The Unbearable Weirdness of CRISPR

    How the genome of a salt-loving microbe led to a world-changing technology.
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    Ingenious: Albert Camus

    A reconstructed conversation with the great writer about science and the absurd.
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    To a Cigarette Maker, Your Life Is Worth About $10,000

    Since there is one death for every million cigarettes sold (or smoked), a tobacco manufacturer will make about $10,000 for every death caused by their products.Illustration by Raxon Rex / Flickr If you had to put a price on your life, what cash amount do you think it would be? What about $100,000? That was […]
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    What It’s Like to Be an Ant

    The idiosyncrasies of our social and cultural lives significantly influences our conscious and unconscious responses to the smells of others and our behaviors toward them.Photograph by Gayil Nalls / Installation View: The Hugo Boss Prize 2016: Anicka Yi, Life Is Cheap, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, April 21–July 5, 2017 Right now, at the […]

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    How to Obfuscate

    What misinformation on Twitter and radar have in common.

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    New York Under Water

    Your future commute to work is on a boat.

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    How Japanese Floating Illusions Reverse-Engineer What We See

    The Arais do not merely dissect illusions, but can generate them, taking an image that looks boringly normal and making subtle changes, to color and contrast, to fool our brains. If you don’t know how something works, break it. Science is built on creative destruction: Much of what neuroscientists know of the brain, they know […]

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    Chaos Makes the Multiverse Unnecessary

    Science predicts only the predictable, ignoring most of our chaotic universe.

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    What Is Space?

    It’s not what you think.