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  • Zaki_HERO

    Can We Revive Empathy in Our Selfish World?

    An experiment shows how to rebuild human compassion.

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    The Problem with Using the Term “Fake News” in Medicine

    While misinformation can sway elections and threaten public institutions, medical falsehoods can threaten people’s health, or even their lives.Photograph by Ugo Cutilli / Flickr Here’s one way to rid society of “fake news”—abandon the term altogether. Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . That’s what a U.K. committee recommended that […]

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    What Ancient Romans Used Instead of Toilet Paper

    Our ancient Roman would simply wipe him- or herself, rinse the tersorium in whatever was available (running water and/or a bucket of vinegar or salt water), and leave it for the next person to use.Photograph by Kapustin Igor / Shutterstock We’ve all been caught unawares by our digestive tract at one time or another. Nautilus […]

  •  Barash_HERO

    Evolution Is Really Not That Into Sex

    Plants and animals have reproduced without sex for eons. So why did nature bother?

  • Musser_HERO

    Yes, Determinists, There Is Free Will

    You make choices even if your atoms don’t.

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    The English Word That Hasn’t Changed in Sound or Meaning in 8,000 Years

    The word lox was one of the clues that eventually led linguists to discover who the Proto-Indo-Europeans were, and where they lived.Photograph by Helen Cook / Flickr One of my favorite words is lox,” says Gregory Guy, a professor of linguistics at New York University. There is hardly a more quintessential New York food than […]