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    The Alien-Haunted World

    To shield one’s pet hypothesis of an alien object by suggesting that it is not being taken seriously because of a flaw in how we do science is playing a disingenuous game with the facts.Illustration by ktsdesign / Shutterstock Did you know that there are many scientists who devote their working lives to skillfully charting […]

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    A Simple Way to Reduce Cognitive Bias

    It’s encouraging to know that merely paying attention to the details of your environment can make you a little more rational.Illustration by yulianas / Shutterstock Would you like to be more rational? Of course you would. Who doesn’t want to behave and think more reasonably? Good news: New research, from Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, suggests […]

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    Why Computers Will Never Write Good Novels

    The power of narrative flows only from the human brain.

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    Digging Deeper Into Holocaust History

    What geoscientists are uncovering in Eastern Europe.

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    Cognitive Scientists Are Going to the Dogs

    Unleashing a new breed of research into co-evolution and the aging brain.

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    The Doctor Will Sniff You Now

    Step aside, Dr. House, Deep Nose will one day be the best diagnostician in medicine.

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    We Need More Feminist Dads

    It’s not easy to overcome the masculine conception of fatherhood.

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    How Universes Might Bubble Up and Collide

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog. What lies beyond all we can see? The question may seem unanswerable. Nevertheless, some cosmologists have a response: Our universe is a swelling bubble. Outside it, more bubble universes exist, all immersed in an eternally expanding and energized sea—the multiverse. The idea is polarizing. Some physicists embrace […]

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    The Dangerous Evolution of the Coronavirus

    These scientists have a new model for identifying variants before they kill.

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    Octopuses Find New Hunting Buddies

    Animals are teaming up to adapt to a changing world.