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  • Lem_HERO

    The Book No One Read

    Why Stanislaw Lem’s futurism deserves attention.

  • Billings_HERO

    Looking for a Second Earth in the Shadows

    Scientists are blocking out the light of distant suns to look for life.

  • Billings_HERO

    Brave New Epoch

    A search for humankind’s mark on the Earth.

  • Billings_HERO

    The Termite and the Architect

    Animal homes resist our understanding.

  • solar system model

    Two Good Ways to Really *Get* the Solar System

    The Sun is one busy celestial body. In addition to giving us light, holding the solar system together, and providing the energy for almost every living thing on Earth, it’s also a grapefruit in a grass field in Austin, Texas, and a 50-foot yellow archway in northern Maine. Now, obviously this huge mass of incandescent gas […]

  • Jamesburg Earth Station

    The Best Way Yet to Talk to Aliens (If They’re Out There)

    “None knows whence creation arose; And whether he has or has not made it; He who surveys it from the lofty skies. Only he knows—or perhaps not.” This is an edited snippet from a 3,500-year-old Vedic creation myth. I sent each of its 143 characters streaming on a beam of radio waves on June 21, […]

  • Desert planet

    Open Your Mind to What an “Earth-Like” Planet Could Be

    You are standing on a sandy plain lit only by the harsh, cold light of a blue-white spark flashing overhead in steady metronomic bursts. The pinprick of light almost seems like a distant star, but each flash raises a disturbing tingling sensation within you, suggesting the stroboscopic light source is somehow nearby, and must be […]