• The Wild World of Threats

    Animals, including us, evolved to bluster and bluff at their peril.

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    Plants Fight for Their Lives

    As arable land disappears, a genetic tweak might secure the world’s food supply.

  • The Attack of Zombie Science

    They look like scientific papers. But they’re distorting and killing science.

  • E.O. Wilson Saw the World in a Wholly New Way

    “Did you like the grenade I tossed in their midst?” the biologist asked me.

  • The Man Who Seduced the World with Whale Songs

    Roger Payne sparked the anti-whaling movement. He’s not done yet.

  • How “My Octopus Teacher” Defied Convention

    Craig Foster reflects on a relationship that changed his connection to the natural world.

  • Twilight of the Nautilus

    What the scientist who has studied the iconic sea creature for 45 years now sees.

  • The Incredible Fig

    The fig is an ecological marvel. Although you may never want to eat one again.

  • Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See

    It’s time to retire the hierarchical classification of living things.

  • We Are Beast Machines

    We understand conscious experiences only in light of our nature as living creatures.