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  • Lem_HERO

    The Book No One Read

    Why Stanislaw Lem’s futurism deserves attention.
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    Edgar Allan Poe, Part-Time Cosmologist/Big-Bang Philosopher

    A daguerrotype of Poe made several months before his death in 1849 During the waning months of 1847, Edgar Allan Poe sat at his desk with a tortoiseshell cat draped around his shoulders and dreamed the universe into being. Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . Poe believed the book […]
  • Erickson_HERO

    In Science Fiction, We Are Never Home

    Where technology leads to exile and yearning.
  • Mackenzie_HERO

    Literature by the Numbers

    Critical reading gets even better when you use your computer.
  • reading

    Why People Love to Get Lost in Books

    In the huge range of different human cultural inclinations, one of the most widespread is a fondness for stories. We just love to get lost in a good book or movie. When we do, we tend to ignore where we are and become completely absorbed in the story. Psychologists call this “transportation,” and have conducted […]