• Scharf_HERO

    What Is Life?

    An astrobiologist finds the heart of his work in a new novel by Richard Powers.

  •  Berger_HERO

    Literature Should Be Taught Like Science

    This renegade professor says literature is a machine that accelerates the human brain.

  •  Fletcher_HERO-2

    Why Computers Will Never Write Good Novels

    The power of narrative flows only from the human brain.

  • Scharf_HERO

    Who Said Nobody Read Isaac Newton?

    It’s a myth that legendary works in science aren’t read.

  • Perkowitz_HERO

    Only Disconnect! A Pandemic Reading of E.M. Forster

    The astonishing relevance of the British writer’s story, “The Machine Stops.”

  • Al_Gore_HERO-F2

    Al Gore Does His Best Ralph Waldo Emerson

    The former vice president reads the transcendentalist poet—and reminds us of one.

  • Campo_HERO

    Meet Harvard’s Own Poet-Physician

    Rafael Campo on finding the humanity in medicine and science.

  • placeholder

    God Created Consciousness in Fiction

    Given his grandeur, pettiness, and complexity, and his capacity for introspection, he’s the major exception to the flatness of ancient characters—God.Illustration by Humphrey King / Flickr Many modern novels do something that the earliest literature sometimes seems incapable of doing—representing the inner life of the individual, in all its complexity. The history of literature has […]

  • Sedivy-HERO

    Why Doesn’t Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings?

    Literature’s evolution has reflected and spurred the growing complexity of society.

  • Klocek-Lim_HERO-1

    The Stars Are a Comforting Constant

    A poet blends the personal with the cosmic.