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    What Is the Human Microbiome, Exactly?

    Are you an ecosystem? Your mouth, skin, and gut are home to whole communities of microscopic organisms, whose influence on your body ranges from digesting your food to training your immune system and, possibly, impacting your mood and behavior. What are these tiny tenants, and how do they change the way we think about human […]
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    Ingenious: Jack Gilbert

    The professor of surgery explains how health emerges from a healthy microbiome.
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    What Your Microbiome Wants for Dinner

    You may think twice about your diet when you follow the metabolic fate of your food.
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    How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution

    Burgers and fries have nearly killed our ancestral microbiome.
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    Be Careful With the Powerful Medicine That Is Poop

    It has recently become clear that each one of us is more microbe than human—at least when it comes to the number of cells in our bodies. The bacteria that swarm through our guts, across our skin, and in every orifice you have outnumber our human cells by at least 10 to 1, though their […]