• Berger_HERO-F

    What Made Early Humans Smart

    Walking upright made our ancestors easy prey. It also made them get smart.

  • Ravindran_HERO3

    Paving Over the Fossil Record

    Why isn’t India doing more to protect its rare evolutionary record?

  • Maxmen_HERO

    Strange Worms Are Taking Their Place on Your Family Tree

    The Cambrian explosion of animal life now seems more like a whimper.

  • Carroll_HERO

    It’s a Fishapod!

    The story behind the discovery of the four-legged fish.

  • placeholder

    Future of Fossils: Print Your Own Dinosaur at Home?

    A 3D printout of the Plateosaurus vertebra placed next to the (mislabeled) field jacket that contains the original fossilRene Schilling et al. / Radiology In 1898, the American Museum of Natural History was presented with a golden opportunity along with a challenge almost as significant. Paleontologist Walter Granger had returned from a trip to the […]

  • Ingenious_HERO

    Ingenious: Ian Tattersall

    The meaning of home in human evolution.

  • Strickland_HERO

    Reading the Book of Life in Prehistoric Dung

    “Paleoscatologist” Karen Chin has uncovered the humble origin of life after dinosaurs.

  • Switek_HERO

    T. Rex Might be the Thing with Feathers

    Behind every famous dinosaur are unsung heroes.

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    Handy Genetic Switch Helps You Grow Hands—or Paws, or Fins

    When an enormous four-finned fish surfaced in a South African fisherman’s catch in 1938, scientists were fascinated by its resemblance to fossilized creatures that had died out millions of years ago. The fish, called a coelacanth, turned out to be the first descendant of those organisms ever spotted by humans. The two living species identified […]